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About company

Company Pastorkalt has been established in 1993 and on the present it is a member of Pastorfrigor Group. The members except of Pastorkalt a.s. are companies Pastorfrigor spa (Italy), Pastorfrigor Ltd (UK), Panelli Isolanti (Italy). In 2001 Pastorkalt started with its own production of serveover cabinets Klara and Klaudia and later spread the production range of wall cabinets Kleo and Komplet.
Pastorkalt´s goal is to offer complex services to customer by creation of new, evtl. rebuilded commercial premises of food nature, and that from current housing scheme shops till large supermarkets, hypermarkets, specialized meat and pastry shops, also patisserie, fast food and baguette shops.
From this wide range covers Pastorkalt with its own production the serveover refrigerated and low temperature cabinets, pastry and neutral tables, fish-, salad- refrigerated cabinets and patisserie cabinets, also complete range of wall cabinets. Recently have been added wall cabinets for producers of food, freezer open islands with agregat.
The rest of the range is completed by offer of the foreign companies, those to whom we are authorised or exclusive importers:
Our partner by development of the cabinets in terms of design is Doc. Ferdinand Chrenka, acad. sculptor, member of Design of the University for fine arts, Bratislava. We continue to pay great attention to the development of new products and improving existing ones.