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Company Pastorkalt, a.s. offers the customer mostly in Slovakia and Czech republik complex services, where at the beginning is the projection of the future salesroom. Process by realization is following:

1. getting the floor plan of the store by listed way:

  • customer delivers building schemes
  • customer delivers floor plan of the store in electronic form
  • our company ensures the measuring of the store manually

2. drawing of the floor plans for the store:

  • part of every implementation is checking of correctness of the floor plan with reality in the store

3. layout and set up for:

  • refrigerated cabinets
  • dry shelves
  • entry equipment
  • cah desk zone
  • another equipment for the store

in relation to store configuration, main channels of supply and background allocation in the store.

4. after adjustment of the background allocation by customer, our company puts together a project for:

  • electricity supplies
  • channels for distribution of refrigerant
  • channels for distribution of condensate

The project documentation will be given to the customer or building architect. For visualisation we give the project in 3D view in several views for all suggested options of given store.