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Since the beginning of its existence Pastorkalt collaborated and collaborates with major Slovak and Czech store chains. To the most important partners in the domestic market belongs Slovak Association of consumer´s cooperative COOP, with whom Pastorkalt implemented not only smaller store units, but some larger stores as well, f. ex:

  • TEMPO Nové Zámky,
  • TEMPO Zlaté Moravce,
  • TEMPO Šurany,

Supermarkets in Bratislava, Velky Meder and the latest COOP Supermarket in Dvory nad Zitavou, a.s.o.

Not less important from the view of deliveries of our products is the former store chain ZDROJ, where it is necessary to name mainly Nitrazdroj, Zdroj Chynorany, Prima Zdroj Holding is on the present part of CBA.
Already in 1994 we have become one of the selected suppliers for the Association of Czech and Moravian consumer´s cooperative, whereas in the last years we took care of the most investmets in this chain. From the largest and most interesting let us mention supermarkets:

  • Terno Český Krumlov,
  • Terno České Budějovice,
  • Terno Olomouc
  • Terno Zlín.

In 2001 Pastorkalt launched the serial production of serveover cabinets Klara and a year later the production of Klaudia cabinets, later has been to the range added multideck cabinet Kleo and gradually the range has been extended to the current level.
In this short time we have managed to furnish with cabinets of our own production plenty of stores. Success on the domestic market was a send-off for development of our export activities.
As a result it is possible to see the cabinets produced in Pastorkalt a.s in:

  • in Ukraine (Kijev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Doneck)
  • in Russian Federation (Moskva, St. Peterburg, Jekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Brjansk, Volgograd)
  • in Latvia
  • in Romania (Bukurešť, Arad, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Tirgu Mures, Braila, Galati, atď)
  • in Hungary
  • in Croatia
  • in Belgium
  • in Netherland
  • in Ireland
  • in Italy
  • in Great Britain
  • in Australia
  • in Canada
  • in Kazachstan
  • in Kuwait

and in another countries.