Opening of COOP Žilina in Rajec

In RAJEC in September 2017 we set up another COOP Žilina shop with our cabinets.

The total area of ​​the sales area is 730m2, where we supplied for our client all the refrigerators with technology, as well as a dry rack system and cash boxes. The serveover line is assembled in a total length of 11.5 m from the KUBUS square refrigerated display cabinets with a ventilated refrigeration. In order to maximize the floor area of ​​the store, we have designed the wall positioned cases to be assembled into sets inserted between the store pillars. Interconnection between display cabinets are the shelves for a non-refrigerated range. Wall positioned wall cases sell a range of meat, dairy products as well as fruits and vegetables. Showcases are fully equipped with LED lighting – not only at the top, but each shelf is lit separately. All refrigerating furniture is connected to an external refrigeration unit, for energy efficiency we have furnished furniture by electronic injection, with related controller and the entire system is linked to monitoring.

For the frozen assortment, we have supplied the TORINO wall cases from our group’s production – the furniture is also coupled to the hot-steam external refrigeration system to achieve a more uniform temperature and reduce the power consumption.