7. January 2022

We produced the 70,000th display cabinet.

In January, our production line has produced already 70,000th refrigerated display cabinet! It was a KUBUS display cabinet. This refrigerated display cabinet was produced for export to the our hungariant client PastorCold Kft. We are happy that we could start production with this anniversary and we are also proud on...
5. May 2020

Showroom in Pastorkalt

Today is 4.5.2020 and in Slovakia we managed to achieve the release of several measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Many businesses will get moving on, and people will be probably travelling around a bit. And that's why we have prepared our exhibition room so that you can see...
12. March 2020

Minicatalogue 2020

Here you will find an updated mini Catalog of Pastorkalt refrigerated cabinets for 2020. You will find a complete overview of our product range according to individual product lines (serveover cabinets, wall positioned cabinets remote, wall positioned cabinets plug in, islands). The mini catalog, in addition to examples of realizations...
29. February 2020
fotogaleria predajna moskva - pastorkalt a.s.

Shop in the historical center of Moscow

Tasty shop in the historical center of Moscow The New Year began with good news. A „tasteful store“ opened wide its doors in the historic center of Moscow. It is an absolutely innovative format with already demanded services. On an area of ​​about 1500 m2 on two floors there is...
1. December 2019

Innovated model of cooling island FELIX Q

We launch an innovative island model FELIX Q! In addition to environmentally friendly cooling with the R290, simple subtle angular shapes, you will also appreciate the self-cleaning condenser and the hot gas defrosting. Extensive accessories such as grids, LED lighting, product dividers are optional equipment. An ideal accessory for food...
24. June 2019

We produced the 60,000th display cabinet.

In June, our production line has produced already 60,000th refrigerated display cabinet! It was a KUBUS 2500 V BA display cabinet. This refrigerated display cabinet with ventilated cooling without unit was produced for the store Jednota Hodonín-network in Dolní Bojanovice in the Czech Republic. The COOP JEDNOTA network stores is...
17. June 2019
Gebäude Pastorkalt a-s-

We launched a new website

On Monday, June 17, we launched a new website of Pastorkalt in Slovak language. We believe that the new responsive website will bring you clearer information about our products, services and business. The following languages ​​will be added: English, Russian, German. There are also new entries to the social networks...
7. November 2018

We celebrated the 25th anniversary in Slovakia!

Pastorkalt a.s. was established in 1993 in Nové Zámky. During the 25th year in the refrigerated display cabinets market, we have built a strong position amongst manufacturers of design showcases at home and abroad. The success is not only due to quality products, but also to the long-term efforts and...
7. November 2018

We have received the BISNODE certificate

Pastorkalt a.s. is a proud holder of the Bisnode AAA certificate. Thanks to this certificate our business partners are sure that they are dealing with a proven company of the highest quality. The highest credibility rating is expressed in three AAA letters. More information about the certificate can be found...
7. September 2017

Opening of COOP Žilina in Rajec

In RAJEC in September 2017 we set up another COOP Žilina shop with our cabinets. The total area of ​​the sales area is 730m2, where we supplied for our client all the refrigerators with technology, as well as a dry rack system and cash boxes. The serveover line is assembled...
22. June 2017

Opening COOP in Terchova

Under the statue of Janošík in TERCHOVA, at the end of June 2017, we opened another COOP Žilina store with our refrigeration cabinets. The sales area has ​​400m2 and for our client we supplied all the refrigeration furniture with technology, as well as a dry rack system and cash boxes....
20. February 2017

Expansion of production halls

Till now last step of expansion of production halls about next 1100m2 - there is a new paintroom and glass warehouse.
26. November 2016

We produced 50,000 showcases

We are pleased to announce that we have produced a display case with a serial number of 50,000. The right question. Why should it please you? Your supplier is a company with a long history. Your partner is a company that can also enjoy small things. And especially because it...
17. March 2015

Cabinet for pastry

Cake display cabinet LINDA We have again widened our production range. This time it is a cake display cabinet Linda, which can be for her variability adapted to the different interior requierements, high front glass and four cooled shelves enable to direct maximal attention on the displayed cakes and tarts....
17. March 2015

Opening of a shop in Novokuznetsk

In the remote Siberian town of Novokuznetsk has been opened a new store of the network „Ваш Гастрономыч“. Delivery and installation of shop equipment was carried out by the company „Top Technologija“ - the official dealer of the company Pastorkalt. For the project were used serve over cabinets ZEUS, wall...
21. May 2014

40.000 Zita in Irkutsk Area

On the 21st of Mai we produced a cabinet with a serial No. 40.000. It will be working in shop Profi in city Angarsk, Irkutsk area. It will be a part of an interesting line, photos will be added soon.
27. April 2014

Q21 – shops of the 21st century

Czech association Q21 - association for the certification of the retail certified 16 shops as the shops of the 21. century. The comission assesses among other things the interior layout and compliance with the Consumer protection Act and Law on Obligations of the Seller. From the below 16 shops, there...
25. October 2013

Biomarket in Vienna

Even more saving Kalifornia The european network of Ekko-supermarket BIOMARKET has opened its new shop in Vienna. For its new shop they chose the multideck cabinet Kalifornia from our production range. They decided so because of the reasonable ratio of the basic price and operation costs during the life of...
14. February 2013

Aeroport Vladivostok

Rybnij ostrovok At Vladivostok Airport in the Far East, there is a nice, simple-looking store built from Klara's cabinets - a combination of freezing and ventilated cabinets. They serve for sale of fish semi-products, eggs of various kinds, frozen crabs and the alike. According to the shop owner, the passengers...
15. January 2013

TEMPO Nové Zámky – reconstruction

On 12th of January 2013 after reconstruction was reopened store TEMPO Nové Zámky. During the 10-day reconstruction, our company replaced all the interior equipment of the store - refrigeration and freezing furniture, shelf system and cash register zone. The cooling engine room was also subject to complete reconstruction. The main...