We celebrated the 25th anniversary in Slovakia!

Pastorkalt a.s. was established in 1993 in Nové Zámky. During the 25th year in the refrigerated display cabinets market, we have built a strong position amongst manufacturers of design showcases at home and abroad. The success is not only due to quality products, but also to the long-term efforts and work of our employees, which we appreciate. Today we are thanks to that a proud member of the Italian group Pastorfrigor Group together with Pastorfrigor spa (Italy), Panelli Isolanti (Italy) and PastorfrigorGB Ltd (United Kingdom), Pastorfrigor ME (Middle East), Pastorconcept (Fr) and Pastorkalt RU (Russia).

By the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Pastorkalt in Slovakia, we also rewarded our long-term employees. As a thank you they received a commemorative medal made in coin factory in Kremnica, especially for this occasion.